How to Create Blog Posts that Attract Attention

Just like a magician, the number of tricks you have under your sleeves does not really mean applause and a good performance rating from your audience, same with writing. 🙁

The key to earning the best reception is in considering your target audience’s current interests and how many actually want the contents that you have. No matter how great your articles are, your words mean nothing if you did not make a valuable connection to the modern readers wandering online.

Nice and slow, and constant practice will be your ticket to success in content marketing, but it won’t hurt if you use a few tips.

Here we go!

  • Plan first your destination. Are you going for more sales, more subscribers, or gain more prospect business investors? This will define the target population that you want to reach out to, and the blogs will melt into your purpose as you write them steadily, with eyes on your goal.
  •  Between gated versus non‐gated content sharing. Some websites requires the visitor to provide pertinent information first before they can go inside and rummage your website (gated), while others are just pro bono, leaving the website welcome to anyone who is interested (non‐gated). Pros and cons, gated content aims for tracking the site visitors for future transactions and sales, while non‐gated offers freedom to the visitor without causing apprehension of information breech.
  •  Pick a topic that may be broad in nature, but is current and relevant. Readers online are more inclined to waste time on what they think is a hot topic these days. The broader the topic you pick would mean more options for topic expansion in the future.
  •  Writing styles vary with each writer, depending on how you address the readers in the house. So is your crowd perky? Serious and businesslike? Measure how the readers respond. Choose the article that has caused more positive reaction and start meeting the requirements of the crowd by sticking to that writing style.
  •  Attack the barriers away. Make your website is user‐friendly and easy to share, that even your granny can do it.
  • Create an RSS feed for your blog. By so doing, content are automatically shared to your target audience who subscribe to your feeds.
  •  Promote movement of your content by letting it loose in the social media. People just love to be the first to know, and keeping them on their toes for any sudden promos and contests will ensure their undying devotion to your website.

Your turn, any tips you can share to create blog posts that attract attention?

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