Create RSS Feed Page

RSS feed has surely changed our experience with news update system. It is a very smart way of getting informed about a new post in a website. Although RSS techniques were introduced a long time ago, it has not been developed a lot until recently. At the starting, RSS feeds came only in text form. The RSS page, which is written in XML language, extracted content from an article or blog and send its partial part or summary to the registered subscribers. Along with the text, there was a link to the page of the main article so that the user can read the whole article right in the website by clicking the link if he finds the summary interesting.

For past few years, the expression of RSS feed has been changed a lot; although the concept remains the same. The idea of using partial content does not seem so great now and there are many people who believe that using full article as the RSS feed has the same effect as the summary and it does not reduce the traffic from the website which was the core idea of using partial RSS feeds. In addition to that, now the site owners send images, newsletters, product descriptions, discount offers and coupons, video, podcast and every other thing in the RSS feed page.

Adding these features in a RSS feed page is not very difficult. For creating the RSS file, a web content management language, XML is used which is a very smart way of managing the page in perfect order. Also HTML is used for showing the page which ensures the desired structured of the page. With HTML, accompanied by CSS you can do anything you like.

The common content in a RSS feed page is the news update. It shows the latest news in descending order. The title of the article is a must. If you want, you have a summary or excerpt of the article in the page. In general, an image is attached with each post; however, that is not compulsory. In addition to the news and text, many modern sites publish video posts in their RSS feed page. Like a regular webpage, the feed page can have a sidebar.

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