Content Marketing Strategy

In today’s relationship driven sales environment, content marketing is an area that can’t be ignored. To
develop a relationship with a potential customer, you must give them something to connect with. That
could be killer blog posts, incredible visual content that you share on Pinterest or Instagram, or a great
social media presence on Facebook or Twitter. No matter which methods you’re choosing, having a
content marketing strategy is essential to your company’s success.


Despite that, people seem to get a little overwhelmed when they hear the words “content marketing
strategy.” They think “Oh, man, what have I gotten myself into here? I just want to make and sell my
product, not strategize anything.” To take a little bit of that feeling away, let’s take a good look at just
what a content marketing strategy is.


A content marketing strategy is a written plan of how you’re going to use all forms of content (social
media posts, product descriptions, visual images, blog posts, etc.) to drive a particular goal. Usually,
that goal is sales of a product or service. Part of that content marketing strategy could involve a project
as large as an ebook, or something as small as determining what tweet your company is going to send
out, at a particular time, to take advantage of a certain hashtag. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all.


Think of your content marketing strategy as a road map. You’re going to use that road map to get from
your starting point to your goal. Each piece of content that you share is going to make up part of that
map. Without the map, you might get lost, and without a content marketing strategy, your content may
not achieve the goals that you’re trying to use it for.


In general, you want to make sure that you include some basics in your content marketing strategy.
These should include blogging on a regular basis, and with an editorial calendar. Social media posts,
both structured and unstructured, need to be included. These are essential for building authority. If your
product or service lends well to the visual, then you need to be on Pinterest. If it doesn’t, but you still
want to give people a behind the scenes look at your company, then you should focus on Instagram.


Ultimately, a content marketing strategy will bring some amazing things to your business, mostly in the
form of customers who are happy that they found you. However, you will find that with great content,
you’re able to utilize it in many different ways to build authority, make sure customer’s questions get
answered, and drive sales that you would otherwise have missed out on. A content marketing strategy is
essential for any business today!

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