Content Marketing for non-profit

As a non-profit, you have one goal: to raise money to enable you to meet the needs of the community
you serve. Your mission statement and publicly stated goals may never mention money, but you can’t
do what your mission statement says you do, without money.

As is the case in many other areas, fundraising today is relationship driven. The difference is,
fundraising has always been relationship driven. In our parent’s day, people gave to their church,
knowing that the money would be distributed to the needy members of the church, and then throughout
the community. Today, people are able to give on a global level, but they still want to see the fruits of
their efforts.

Content marketing for non-profits is the quickest and easiest way to attain that goal. For a non-profit,
content marketing gives the opportunity to tell stories. A 140 character story on Twitter could include a
link to a donation page for a non-profit that helps kids get meals in the summer. A photo posted on
Instagram could help an animal shelter improve its adoption rate. A Facebook status can tell the story of
a single benefit recipient of a soup kitchen. A blog post can help the agency maintain transparency.

In short, there’s no way around content marketing for your non-profit. What you must do is determine
your agency’s content marketing strategy, and determine the benefit that content marketing is going to
bring you. In other words, how much money are you going to raise from content marketing.
The simple answer is, more than you would make without content marketing. With the global reach of
content marketing, you’re going to reach audiences that you could only hope to reach without it. Most
non-profits who turn to content marketing as a way to increase their base of donors see a huge
escalation in not only the number of supporters, but in the average size of the donations they receive.
This is especially true for non-profits whose primary service area or location is in a low-income or
economically depressed area.

You don’t have to invest much to formulate a great content marketing strategy. Once policies and bestpractices
were determined, volunteers could be trained to maintain the content accounts and post
relevant content. Photos of completed projects or happy outcomes are great ways to connect with
donors-they love seeing where their money is going!
All in all, your agency will benefit tremendously by using content marketing for non-profits. The more
people are aware of the issues that you’re trying to resolve, the more help you’ll find to resolve those.
It’s a benefit you just can’t ignore!

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