Content Marketing for B2B

Marketing to B2B leads is different than marketing to B2C leads. In today’s relationship-driven
marketplace, it’s even more important to connect with other business owners, rather than just
steamrolling over them with ad after ad. It’s essential that you use content marketing for B2B.
Content marketing for B2B is more than just social media posts. You need high quality blogs that
actually bring value to someone’s business in order to make a great connection. You should look at your
blog as more of a content aggregator than a story teller, and use it to bring valuable information to your
readers. When they see you as not only an expert in your field, but someone who brings value into their
business, they are much more likely to do business with you.
When you’re developing your content marketing strategy as a B2B, you cannot dismiss the webinar. A
webinar is a great way to give your leads a taste of what you have to offer. A well written and delivered
webinar can leave your attendees eager to learn more about you and what you have to offer. If you offer
a book, a class, or a service, then ooffering a webinar every month should be on your list for content
marketing for B2Bs.
Of course, to get other business owners to read your blog, or come to your webinar, you’re going to
need some amazing social media marketing. Social should play heavily into your content marketing for
B2B strategy. When trying to connect with small business owners, LinkedIn is the place to be. You
really need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile shines, and is a great reflection on not only you, but
your company as well. Once you’ve met LinkedIn’s qualifications, make sure that you create a LinkedIn
page for your company. This allows you to build a bigger following and connect with more business
owners who could benefit from your products or service.
When constructing your strategy for content marketing for B2Bs, don’t overlook Twitter. It’s great for
building relationships, and Twitter chats can introduce you to clients that you didn’t even know where
out there. Best of all, there’s no cost to connect with your followers on Twitter, other than what you’re
paying your social media manager. Twitter is a great addition to your content marketing strategy.


Remember, as you develop your content marekting for B2B, that you still need to be where your
customers are. While a Facebook page is important, by and large, your customers are going to be on
LinkedIn and Twitter, and that’s the best place for you to use your content to connect with them!

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