Content Curation: How Does It Build Value?

Content curation isn’t just about sharing links which you find interesting as you find them. It is all about discovering great articles amidst the online noise, organizing it in a sensible manner and adding your insights that add value to the conversation. It is not just a matter of collecting links and passing them off as useful information.

To be able to leverage your content curation activities, here are some goals worth looking into:

Be a source of valuable information.

Make sure to share links from reputable sources, and keep your target customers in mind. Most of the time, we make the common mistake of thinking about how much traffic our site should get from our content curation activities – when in fact, we should keep in mind the needs of our customers when looking for valuable resources to share. We should remember their needs and why do they come to our website in the first place.

Try to go the extra mile.

When you people visit your site, they expect to learn something. Not just from you but hopefully from other valuable sources of information, too. Provide links to your resources. For example, you make a list of “Top 10 Online Marketing Resources”, do feel free to share the tools you used to curate your content. For example, “Top 10 Online Marketing Resources” created via FeedsAPI so that they’ll know where to find even more useful information. J

Be a thought leader.

When we think about thought leadership, the first thing that comes to mind is being an influencer, or perhaps popular. The question is, what made them influencers in the first place? Influencers became what they are because they were able to share their expertise and experiences in a way that connected with their target audience. Knowing great sources of information is one thing, but being able to share them in a way that adds value is another. Don’t just share links, but add value by sharing how that information you shared helped you or your business.

Take care of your internal customers, too.

Aside from customers, think about how your content curation activities can also add value to your internal customers – i.e. your employees and staff. Keeping them well-informed about what’s happening within your industry can make them more up to the challenges of your specific niche. What’s more, it’ll make them feel more involved with your business.

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