Reviving the Lost Vibe: From Google Reader to FeedsAPI

July 1, 2013 is the dreaded day for most Google Reader fans out there. Google announced the plan of retiring Google Reader on the said date and as expected, the internet community reacted whenever change is about to unleash. Testing several RSS fueled feedcatchers for test drives can definitely help you discover a whole lot […]

Full Text RSS Feeds Can Help in SEO

If properly managed, RSS feeds can definitely boost a website’s viewing ability which can eventually help in the progress of a certain business. These feeds should have very interesting yet short and informative content with unique titles that can independently represent a common broad theme. RSS feeds are used as online marketing strategy and SEO […]

5 Tips For An Endless Supply of Blog Post Topics

Writer’s block happens all the time. This is one of the most tormenting moments in your career as a content writer when every word you have in your system just unbelievably evaporates. But have no fear; just remember one word when you’re in that zone: Recycle. That’s right, get ideas from other blogs, revise and […]

Your Full Text RSS Feed Is A Lean and Mean Topic-Generating Machine

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having an organized RSS feed is efficiency. Granting that you have organized the right search keywords listed in your feeds, you are guaranteed access with the freshest and hottest topics right away without having to manually search the web. In this post, you will look at a full text RSS […]