Improve Your Blogger Outreach With Full Text RSS Feed in 5 Easy Steps

Before we start, let’s have a look at the difference between guest posting and blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is the process of identifying and building relationships with industry influencers in your niche. These key influencers will help you establish your brand’s identity and authority in the market due to their huge influence and great market […]


1- Content marketing softwares : Our SaaS : is a online software that can be used as content marketing flagshiff software, the idea of this article is to present some content marketing software along with our software, making our software stand out like the best solution without making making it seem like the only […]

FeedsAPI Offers a Simple Way to Streamline RSS Feeds; New Feature Adds Keyword Filter Option

City, State – FeedsAPI, the go-to source for curating users’ multiple RSS feeds, is proud to announce a new feature furthering the already user-friendly and comprehensive platform. The new keyword filter option will allow users to further optimize their experience by inputting keywords when searching their RSS feeds, delivering the most relevant and tailored RSS […]