Benefits of Full Text RSS Feeds

For bloggers and writers, the decision to provide full RSS feeds or just some excerpts from their posts is an important one. While some go for full feeds, others prefer to limit what they share in the hope that small excerpts from their posts will lead readers straight to their site. Thus, more visits!

full text rss feeds benefits

Benefits of Full RSS Feeds


A teaser won’t hurt, right? And to be honest, creating a great opening for a post is really a must to get readers hooked and read the entire blog.

What kind of a blogger are you? Do you share your blogs with restrictions or are you comfortable sharing a full RSS feed?

Websites and blogs can surely benefit getting connected to an RSS feed. What it does is simple: an RSS feed, or Really Simple Syndication, frequently scans and pulls any updated information from your website, and feeds it in another site where your subscribers are pooled.

The success of your blog depends on how big your crowd is and how they can access your updates fast. You would want to deliver full-on, but to what extent can you benefit in having RSS by your side?

A full RSS feed gives benefits both ways to web publishers and readers. More importantly, having an RSS feed saves your subscribers surfing time by not having to visit your website often just to access your posts. Subscribing and unsubscribing a feed is also hassle-free, something that a reader would definitely find an advantage.

But here’s the catch: offering a full feed has also its disadvantages. Being wide open puts your site at risk to potential content thieves, and an excerpt feed will prevent that from happening. This will limit the access to your blogs, making your subscribers visit your blog more frequently. By doing so, the number of viewers to your website will substantially increase, and this is what it’s all about in the first place.

Here’s the thing, if the post is an end by itself – meaning you’re real goal is simply just out to share valuable information, sharing a full RSS feed will work wonderfully for you. However, if your posts are really for brand awareness, sharing just snippets of what you have to offer will be a good strategy. The catch though is that you really have to make sure that your copy is really great.

RSS can open doors for you. And you have full control at how wide you’d want it to be.

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