Amp up your Tumblr Page with a Full Text RSS Feed

FeedsAPI has introduced a way for you to Tumblr with a twist. By syncing your RSS feeds to
your Tumblr page, you can add more value and volume to your page. This will allow you to
stand apart from other Tumblr and blogger pages with fresh, read-ready content that is
relevant and timely.
It’s intuitive and easy to syndicate RSS feeds directly to your Tumblr blogger account. Obviously,
if you don’t have a Tumblr account, the time is now to set one up and we can go from there.
Make sure you check the settings for your Tumblr email address. Once that’s done, this helpful
video tutorial will walk you through the step-by-step process.
As we mentioned, go ahead and access your FeedsAPI account and go to the team members
area. Click “Add new user” and enter your Tumblr account along with the blogger email
address, then click “Save user.” Bravo! But wait, there’s more.
Now, head to the FeedsAPI landing page via and click on the big green
button. Next, a panel will pop up and here you can enter the credentials in the designated area.
First, enter the RSS URL of the content you want to share. Then, enter the access key (the
password you entered to log into FeedsAPI account), and third, enter your Tumblr email
address – see there, it’s done. Now, you can enjoy showing off and utilizing those valuable RSS
feeds right on your page.
As you can see this is a no-brainer for those wanting to optimize and curate real text and attach
it to their Tumblr page. Now, take this dynamite advice and apply it to your digital life.

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