7- Content marketing Growth : Using Content marketing to grow business and website traffic.

Is your traffic at a stand still right now? Are your conversions slowing down because leads aren’t
finding your site? You need to learn how to use content marketing to grow your business and website
There is a very simple reason that companies that use content marketing are experiencing growth:
Google. Recently, Google made changes to its algorithm that favor fresh, relevant content over
websites that don’t update regularly. For many businesses, this has led to a huge learning curve as they
rushed to determine how to get back in Google’s good graces.


If you haven’t updated your website in awhile, you haven’t really done anything wrong. But you’re not
going to experience much growth until you adopt a business model that includes regular updates. The
easiest way to do this is to add a blog to your site. Not only does this give your customers a reason to
regularly visit your site, but it makes Google happy, so you’re going to see an increase in your website


For some business owners, the thought of content marketing with a blog is overwhelming. It may seem
like a lot of work to you. And while you are going to have to dedicate some time, effort, and possibly
money to the set up and maintenance of a content marketing strategy, in the long run, the increase in
website traffic will be worth the cost. Even if you completely outsource every step of the blogging
process, you’ll see a return on your investment within a year, if not much sooner, depending on when
Google visits your site again.


Content marketing isn’t just about Google, though. Today’s sales aren’t about hitting the customer over
the head with ads until they agree to buy. Your customers today are web-savvy, and they want to see
something about you that sets you apart from the other guy. Content marketing can do that for you.
Developing a social media presence on Twitter or Facebook is a great way to connect with your
customers, and is essential for building new leads.


If you truly want to experience content marketing growth, you’ll need to implement a content
marketing strategy. Plan your blog posts, and make sure that your social media content ties into what
you’re posting on your blog. This makes it easier for your customers to engage with you, and helps
those relationships develop. Take the time to respond to customers on Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll
go a long way toward building strong relationships that lead to long term customers!

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