5 Tips For An Endless Supply of Blog Post Topics

Writer’s block happens all the time. This is one of the most tormenting moments in your career as a content writer when every word you have in your system just unbelievably evaporates. But have no fear; just remember one word when you’re in that zone: Recycle. That’s right, get ideas from other blogs, revise and draw inspiration out of them.

Oh, this is not cheating, mind you. Everyone does it all the time. Jason Mraz even quoted, “We sing, we dance, we steal,” as he explained that some of his songs are actually ideas he “stole” from other songwriters, combining them to create songs of his own.

So to start uploading new topics to your blog, here are my tips:

Great things come from small beginnings.

When I started writing, one of the reasons why I got writer’s block was this: I always aim to write for something great to eliminate the rest of the competition. In the process, I came up with nothing because I fail to impress myself. The solution I came up whenever I feel so grand is to check what’s in my full text RSS feed to get inspiration and just to keep writing the simplest ideas that pops in my head. Sooner or later, a boost will follow after that.

Make room for more.

How you do business also means taking advantage of the fame from your other blogger friends. When you also find a speaker that gets you wringing with excitement, you can ask them to share their ideas to your blog.

Listen to your crowd.

The blood that keeps your website alive is your subscribers themselves, so keep them healthy by giving them what they need. Refrain from giving them junk contents, just for the sake of posting something. This openness with your readers is actually a good way to assess how much they love your posts. By reaching out, you communicate that you only want what’s best for them

Use technology.

Some bloggers use a tool called the Blog Topic Generator. Sounds pretty impressive, huh? Simply slip in two or three topics you haven’t blogged about, and the application will generate 5 potential blog titles out of it. Sweet!

Keep incorporating something new.

If you like what you’re seeing now, in the near future, this might not work anymore. The key to your blog’s sustainability is in your ability to add more features in it to keep it extra interesting. Getting subscribed to a full text RSS feed helps you do this by becoming on top of what’s latest in your niche.

Any other ways you generate content for your website, feel free to share in the comments below!

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