4 Essential Elements Every Monitoring Plan Should Have

05.19Media monitoring is considered as one of the most important parts of a PR and reputation management campaign management. Monitoring is making an effort to listen to a conversation 20 feet away in a very crowded area. This is also called the information extraction part wherein you disregard the other elements around to focus to the conversation that’s happening.

Media monitoring may sound so simple but little did we know it requires a lot of effort, skills and dedication. To help you further, here are 4 easy steps to help you with your media monitoring plans.

Defining elements.

Being able to focus on your subject despite the many things simultaneously happening around you may require a lot of skills. But this is one of the major steps that someone should take note of in monitoring. Most aggressive monitoring plans will remain its focus on the products and services, brand names and company executives. And being clear with your defined focus will definitely keep you in track of how your plan should be.

Defining sources.

Again this is one crucial part when it comes to media monitoring. You should be able to answer who, what when and where for your audience. If you aren’t capable of answering this, then there might be several problems coming up.

Before anything else, it should be clear to you what is your goal, or what is your time frame? Will this be beneficial for your business and for your target market? Answering these questions before pursuing your goals will be practical.


Offline messages and forum messages are very different in nature. Mixing online media with offline sources needs a lot of technical work in order to make it readable and pleasing to the audience. For example, what would you prefer, seeing tweets with shortened links or the actual link where the article is published?

Collaborating and Sharing.

Social media platforms are all over the internet. The moment they appeared on the scene, public relations, marketing and advertisements changed drastically in a nice way. Communication and promotion became so very easy for investors and businessmen. More and more companies decided to adapt the sudden change by becoming visible to social media platforms themselves. Marketing and advertisement is no longer exclusive to a team. All employees of a certain business have now the power to become brand ambassadors themselves.

Now that these 4 steps have been presented to you, it is now your decision on how to use your monitoring in enhancing your social engagement.

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