3 Steps to Curate Content as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve discussed in length why content curation should be a part of your business’ content marketing strategy. In this post, let’s talk about the 3 steps to curate content more effectively.

3 Steps to Effectively Curate Content

Discovering Content

There’s a huge chance that you’re reading news and information from around the web already. And this is a good start since you’re almost more or less knowledgeable about what makes your target audience tick.

But then again, discovering more sources of useful information won’t hurt either. For almost everyone, it can be as easy as logging in to their favorite social media profile and going through all the things that are being shared on their timeline or newsfeed. Or, going through their emails and checking out all the news from the newsletters they are currently subscribed to.

If you want to go the extra mile though in looking for more valuable resources to share, then don’t stop and look for other ways to curate content. Tip: Use FeedsAPI’s Full Text RSS Feed!

 Examining Your Needs, Or Your Customers’ Needs                     

This is where you think about your target audience. What do they need? Want do they want more from you? What are their pain points?

Although your decision here may be a bit subjective, you have data that can show what topic engages your audience more. Take a look at your past blog posts’ social shares and comments, and check your Google Analytics.

There’s really no need to over-complicate things. Just think about your customers and you’re all pretty set.

Curating Content

 With the huge amount of information in your hands, this is where you decide which should go to your content plan and which can be relegated to the archives for now. (I say this because you’ll never know when you might possibly need some bits of information from that content anyway.)

Afterwards, you take the necessary steps to combine all the data and information you have on hand to make an article or post that combines all your data into one cohesive, organized and inter-connected piece.

 Help with Aggregators

 You need not do these steps on your own. Aggregators like FeedsAPI’s FullText RSS feeds can help you organize your newsfeed into categories/keywords for easy access. You can easily go through these categories and discover great new content that is best for you and your target audience.


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