3 Simple Hacks To Revive Your Online Marketing Strategy for 2014

The boom that spread all over the globe after the internet exploded has brought millions of possibilities as far as marketing strategies are concerned. The internet is no longer an option in marketing management as online visibility becomes the heart of a successful marketing strategy.

3 hacks for Your Online Marketing Strategy for 2014

Your Online Marketing Strategy for 2014

In order to get spotted amongst the many, take note of these 3 simple hacks to give your online marketing a boost in 2014:

Your Content Plan Will Get You Through The Day

Just like an editorial calendar, building a content plan based on your goals, and by providing a timeline to each of the contents you’d wish to publish, will provide a step-by-step guide with what you want to happen in the future. It also gives you a complete sense of the kind of story-telling that you want in your blogs.

How you can do this better this year?

Leverage on the potential of full text RSS feeds that you can use to curate useful contents across the web. With Google’s changes in its algorithm, you can no longer just produce an article and hope that SEO will do the rest of the work for you.  Everything’s now about value, and full text RSS feeds can help you create meaningful contents with less hassle and at a faster pace.

Have a Social Media Strategy

We know how influential social media can be, and establishing online public relations with some of the reputable writers will definitely give you more advantage. You would also need to invest in content curation tools, such as RSS feed, as these can provide you with the latest updates to keep you on top.

Have a list of influencers in your niche, then subscribe to their RSS feeds. Leverage the fact that influencers are most likely to be providing the latest news in the industry. Thus, being subscribed to their RSS feeds means that you only get the best and latest news that you can use for creating contents.

Think about your Audience

There’s a struggle in gaining popularity, and creating content that meets the demands of your target audience is as fundamental as air. Pay attention to the trends being featured in the news and in social media as these topics will best describe your target’s current interests.


Bear in mind that these three aspects are interlinked with each other, for without them, your marketing strategy will simply be ineffective and poorly executed.

Who says you can’t give your online marketing strategy for 2014 a huge boost? Knowledge is power. And getting the latest trends as quickly as possible is your key to online marketing success.

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