2 Main Reasons to Abandon Partial Feeds

It is really trending nowadays in the web publishing industry to use partial content feeds. For those who are used to full RSS feeds, partial content feeds have limited number of characters per feed and usually has the read more link which then takes the reader to the actual web page that has the full post.

The rationale behind this widespread trend is that publishers are just wishing to get more website audience, visits so that the ads will be viewed unconsciously together with the content. There are some instances that these partial pages are there because of paywalls and subsequent authentication that is not feed supported.

To most advertisers, audience value are most of the time set aside. But it should always be prioritized for ads will be nothing if not because of the audiences. It is understandable that audiences who use a feed reader really pay attention to convenience and speed. That is the main reason why they use a feed reader to consume content.

So what is the use of forcing them to click through? If there is something really important to sell or to advertise, it is polite to make use of snippets, texts and links at the bottom of each posts to try and get the audience’s interest.

Another reason why partial feeds must be abandoned is because many web enthusiasts are using an ad blocker plugin that prevents ads to be seen most of the time. Users pay great value for contents. They are wiser than before.

With the ads which can be avoided nowadays, the partial feeds are easily defeated.

You might think of asking this to yourself: “What’s the point of doing something different?” We should all be aware of what the pros and cons are in everything that we do. Someone who is very sensitive, polite and honest to their audience will definitely fall back to collecting respect and loyalty from their audience.

Full feeds makes reading very easy and also having said that, a content being read fully is an aftermath that the audience really do understand what they are reading. Understanding a content can promote regular audiences and better yet, subscriptions. And by having regulars, there will be more traffic generated, and thus will create slow yet legitimate and more stable profit for the website ads.

Forcing someone to read a full website for the sake of profit is not a really good thing to do. Internet readers are now wiser and they really do value the content more.

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