11 Ways to Get Your RSS Feeds Updates via Email

It is important that your customers receive regular updates and those updates or news letters should come in the form of an e-mail.

You may find your resources stretched and your ability to push your RSS feed to e-mail but there are ways out there.


RSS feeds will update your often updated web content and by using a tool like MailChimp you can take the XML file codes and it will send your blog, newsletter or general daily updates and it will send to all your customers or clients as an email.

Google’s Feedburner is still going strong. Many thought this feed was expired but it is still part of the Google blogging feeder phenomenon.

You could step up to the plate and use a tool called Feedblitz. If your customers are expecting email updates then this is a brilliant tool for RSS feeds to email.

There are some great websites like Dailylit which offer a service where you receive an RSS feed or email. Latest books or portions of literature are posted as an update of feed straight into your inbox.

Feed My Inbox is another great website for receiving updates to your inbox. The site is free to register and you are able to subscribe to blogs, feeds and news within a few seconds of setting up your account.

Springpad is another great tool for RSS and iCal feeds. You can send calendar entries to email using a cross platform mail service. This feature is running like a dream and allows you to save directly to a notepad that you specify.

Reblinks looks to be a great tool but is still running in Beta mode at the moment.

A combination of FeedsAPI and ifttt makes it incredibly easy to get the full rss content in your inbox.

Wrong Planet is another simple-to-use system where you enter your email and get RSS feeds of your choice are suddenly in your inbox.

Download JFusion for getting your RSS feeds either via email or into your preferred choice of RSS Reader.

Most RSS feeds to email are blogs and one of the best feeders to get your RSS feeds into email is Blogtrottr. It will deliver updates and publications to your email, which allows you to stay ahead with the information whilst you are away from your computer.

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